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6 Week Tranformation Challenge
Are you ready to shed some excess, gain strength and boost your energy back to your early 20's?
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Lose 20pds or 5% bodyfat and get it refunded 100%
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It's Simple. Lose 20 pds or 5% BF and get it for free. 
Skeptical? We don't blame you! 
FREE?!?! Why are we doing this? 
3 Reasons...
1. We are looking to showcase some amazing transformations.
2. We know that once you try 360 Fitness, you will be hooked. 
3. We know that having a big incentive will hold you accountable and steady. 
Down 17lbs, 15", - 5% Body Fat in 6 Weeks!
Down 19lbs, -5.7% Body Fat in 6 Weeks!
Down 22lbs, 18", -4% Body Fat in 6 Weeks!
Down 17lbs, 24". - 5.6% BF in 6 Weeks!
Down 12lbs, 11", - 4% Body Fat in 6 Weeks!
Down 16lbs, - 5% Body Fat in 6 Weeks!
Down 20lbs + gained strength in 6 Weeks!
Down 20lbs, - 8.5% Body Fat in 6 Weeks!
Here's What You Get for Only $65/wk...
Better Yet, Lose 20lbs and Get 100% Back
  • Our 6 week all-inclusive program is a combination of personal training, flexible nutrition, assessments and gives you incentive to get it all for free! Drop 20lbs or 5% body fat and win your investment back!
  • ✔ Six weeks of personal training - 3x week with full body function training workouts - 1x week private personal training with 2x week small group personal training (3-6 ppl)  
  • ✔ Full access to our cardio area, client only gym space for the entire 6 weeks (workout on your own schedule, too)
  • Full 60 Minute Initial Assessment and finale assessments
  • Fully done-for-you 6 week nutrition manual over 100 easy to make, healthy recipes
  • Our 76 pg award winning Client Success Manual full of articles, tips and strategies for a better, healthier life  
  • ✔ Flexible scheduling - From 10-15x time slots available every day!  
  • ✔ Spots open from 6:00am to 730pm start times! Plenty of options for every schedule.
  • ✔ Unlimited motivation and accountability with access to our Private Facebook Group for Q/A (priceless)
Even Better...Get It Free! Drop 20lbs or 5% body fat and get refunded 100%. That's incentive. 
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"This is the program you've been waiting for"

Hi, I'm Jack Wheeler, the founder of 360 Fitness and Master Personal Trainer.

The team at 360 Fitness and I are so happy and proud to announce this Revolutionary Fitness Program that combines fat incinerating workouts, afully done-for-you 6 week nutrition manual, pre + post healthassessments, unrivaled motivation, support from like-minded people andwith all the perks of 1-1 Personal Training but with a fraction of the cost! We have put tons of energy into this and have made this a sure-fire path for success. 

We created this unique program for real people, looking for real results. Plus, major incentive

First off, this program is only for everyday people out there. Whether you have experience in the gym or not, our trainers can guide you to success. This is NOT one of those programs that you have to be in shape before you join!

Secondly, this program is only for everyday peoplewho have tried everything in the past to lose weight and keep it off withlittle or no success at all. They have tried pills, crash diets and exercise gadgetsbut nothing has worked for them.

This program is for people that are fed up, frustrated and looking for a REAL andsustainable solution to get them the body and life they want and deserve.

This program is for people that understand that great fitness results comes fromsmart training, proper nutrition, supportive coaching and good old fashioned hardwork.

Does that sound like you?

If so, this game-changing program might be exactly what you arelooking for.

This program guarantees results or your money back. You have nothing to lose and new outlook on life to gain.

What Can You Expect?
  •  Lose more fat and inches faster than anything else you can do in 6 weeks. Period.
  •  Get fit and toned so you look great in your clothes, your bathing suit and your birthday suit
  •  Discover simple ways to make the right eating choices at home and when eating out (without dieting).
  • With a fully done for you 6 week nutrition manual complete with over 100 recipes, grocery lists and more to ensure success!
  •  Cut exercise time in half - you'll be shocked by how effective the right kind of exercise really is! 30 minutes is all we ask 3x Week
  •  Have 3 - 4 times more energy (literally 300% to 400% increase in energy)
  •  More confidence - nothing makes you feel better about YOU than being fit, toned and looking terrific!
  •  Imagine how that makes you feel and perform!
  •  And hold yourself to incentive, drop 20lbs or 5% body fat and get it for free!
See The Result's We're Getting On the 6 Week Program...
Eugene Lost 17lbs and Jenniene Lost 11lbs
Heather Lost 13lbs and 15 inches!
Don Shed 17" and Lise Shed 13"!
Down 17lbs + 5.5% BF in 6 Weeks
Down 12lbs + 12" in 6 Weeks
Down 29lbs + 20" in 6 Weeks
Katt Lost 10lbs and 4% Body Fat!
Shayne Lost 24lbs of Body Fat and Shed Over 6% Body Fat!
Don Shed 17" and Lise Shed 13"!
These Folks Did It, So Can You! Watch Video Below....
Only 8 Spots Left.
Offer expires soon. 
Who is 360 Fitness?
We are a private and exclusive fitness center catering to the health conscious crowd. We run a multiple award winning program and get real people, real results! All our trainers are certified, educated, experienced and extremely good at their jobs (we are in the results business).

With the most experienced  and largest personal training team in all of Alberta, with locations in Red Deer and Sherwood Park,  360 Fitness is the industry leader.

Each of our trainers has post secondary education in our field and has been through our very own 12 week intensive on boarding curriculum to ensure you get the best experience and the best results possible.
Down 22lbs, 22" + more strength in 6 Weeks!
Down 12lbs, -6.2% Body Fat in 6 Weeks!
Down 15lbs, -3.5% Body Fat in 6 Weeks!
Down 11lbs, 8", - 6% Body Fat in 6 Weeks!
Don lost 19lbs in 6 weeks!
Jillian lost 15.6lbs in 6 weeks!
Kathy lost 12.8lbs in 6 weeks!
Wendy lost 22lbs in 6 Weeks!
Let's Answer Your Questions!
How long is the program?
The program is 6 weeks long. We start you out with a free consultation to chat more in depth about your personal goals/needs and then book you in for your 1 on 1 personal initial assessment to start off on the right path. 
When does it start?
This is a unique program for you. You can start when you wish. We need to book your first consult and assessments in right now though to guarantee you a spot. 
What if I'm gone during the 6 weeks?
No problem. We want you to commit 100% during the 6 weeks but if a blip gets in the way, just give us 24hrs notice and we can rebook.
What is the training like?
This program is perfect combination of our 1 on1 private personal training and our semi-private personal training (3-6 people per session with your trainer). After years and years of testing, we have found this to be the perfect blend of personal attention, fun, community, support and accountability.  

If you wish, we also have a full 1-1 personal training version on this program if you need a little more attention. You can upgrade on the order form for only $100 more. 
What if only 1on1 Personal Training is right for me?
Not a problem, we have a solution for you too. If you have pre-existing injuries or health conditions that need more attention, we can set you up on a personal training plan as well and will give you options in person.  You can choose this option on the order form for only $100 more. 
What are your hours?
We are open 6am to 8pm Mon-Fri or your convenience. We have up to 15 training spots open to you a day.
Can I come and use the gym on my own?
Absolutely and we recommend it. We have a great client workout space and cardio equipment for you to use. We reserve the main area of the gym for personal training but feel free to use the rest for your own workouts, warm ups, cool downs, cardio and more. All free to you and no booking needed.
What are your trainer prerequisites?
Great question. All our certified personal training staff come have to have post-secondary education in our field and endure our in-house & intensive 12 week apprenticeship program  to become 360 Certified. We demand the best.
What is the nutrition like?
We focus on eating real, whole food. We have personally designed a fully-done-for you 6 week nutrition plan that is fat burning focused and family friendly. It includes easy to follow recipes, list, substitutions and more.
Results Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
We 100% guarantee body and life changing results from following our program. We meet you in the middle - you need to follow your fitness and nutrition plan and in turn we will ensure you rock that body in no time. 

If you follow the program, complete your sessions in 6 weeks and still don't see awesome results, we will 100% refund your money. Simple as that. We are super confident in our trainers and programming.
Where Are We Located?
360 Fitness has locations in Red Deer, AB and Sherwood Park, AB.

Red Deer
We are conveniently located just off Taylor Drive at #107, 5301 43 St - next to One11 Grill and the Red Cross
403 347 1707

Sherwood Park
We are conveniently located at #202, 208 Sioux Road - Sherwood Park, AB. Right next to Spinunity and Glow Juicery.
780 467 1708
Only 8 Spots Left.
Offer expires soon.
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