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Here’s how the challenge is set up:

First, we teach you all about the core, what it does, how to utilize it and how to keep it strong and safe. 

Then, every day during the challenge, you’ll complete your “Action List” of core-strengthening activities. Use your worksheets to track your success! This will hold you accountable and will help you retain the info better. 

You’ll also be receiving daily emails packed with tips, motivation, and inspiration. 
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Neil Berg (57)

Investment Banker

"Since the age of thirty, I started getting lazier and bigger, which led to having angioplasty three years ago. that was a big kick in the head. 360 Fitness has been able to help me solve these issues. Compared to old fat Neil, I feel a lot better."

Mary (60)


"My mindset before I came to 360 was negative and since I've been here I feel so much better, my back doesn't hurt and 360 gives me a reason to get out and get moving."

Amber Lost 40lbs!

Busy mom, busy days and busy life but that didn't stop Amber from losing the post baby weight and getting in rocking shape!

Marlon Lost 67lbs!

Even with a jammed pack career, tons of travel for work and more...Marlon made full commitment to our program and seen the results!
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